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What is HIVE?

The HIVE is SWRM's production house for the collective of technological, creative and intellectual minds.

Mobile Applications

A software technology development team that develops mobile apps focused on rapid growth markets; for niche business sectors, consumer and retail, and the gaming industry.

Data Security

Threat Intelligence Platform. Integrating advanced cloud based technologies for data security and  encryption.


Building a bridge between developers and the investment community towards the development of blockchain protocols. Seeking partners in application development and institutional investing who may have an interest in partnering together to leverage the power of blockchain.

Research and Development

Staying competitive by seeking insights into the markets while integrating and developing new technology based solutions for mobile, crypto and NFTs, cybersecurity, and Web3 blockchain applications.

Now Recruiting!

The HIVE is seeking developers, cybersecurity enthusiasts, sales representatives, and strategic partnerships.

Be the Future.
Be the SWRM!

If you are a developer, sales expert, cybersecurity enthusiast, seeking partnership or an investor, please reach out to us to find out how you can be part of the HIVE.

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Expertise and Interests

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